Reservation and payment
You can reserve an available room for the desired days via our booking system here on the website. The booking will be confirmed by email once the total payment has been settled. This payment can be effected here by credit card or debit card via a secure payment system or internet banking through your own bank.
Cancellation policy
Full refund will be given if a cancellation takes place within 24 hours after reservation and the check in date is 14 days or later.
50% refund will be given if the cancellation takes place until 7 days before check in date.
No refund for cancellation less than 7 days prior to arrival.
No refund for a no-show.

Check in
Check in can take place between 14:00 and 21:00 hours
Early check in is only possible after a prior agreement and is subject to the next fee:
€ 45 for check in at 11:00 hours
€ 30 for check in at 12:00 hours
€ 15 for check in at 13:00 hours
Check in before 11:00 hours is NOT possible!
Luggage drop off is also not possible!

Check in after 21:00 is subject to a late check in fee of
Between 21:00 en 23:59 € 25
After 23:59 hour € 50

Check out
Check out is at max. 11:00 hours
Late check out is only possible after prior consultation and is subject to an extra fee as follows:
€ 15 voor check out at 12:00 hour
€ 30 for check out at 13:00
€ 45 for check out at 14:00
Check out after 14:00 is not possible!
Luggage collection after check out is not possible!

Smoking or open fire is NOT allowed
Smoking means also electric cigarettes and vaporizers.
Open fire means also candles, incense and wax lights! Smoking outside the window is also considered as smoking inside the room!
Please remember that by accepting the booking, you have an agreement with us stating that: if you do not respect this rule B&B Singel Suites is entitled to deduct € 300 extra cleaning costs from your credit card and that you will leave the accommodation immediately without any refund. We do not give any warnings or second chances!

No noise after 22:00 hours.
This is mainly for music, TV, loud conversations and walking on the stairs. Please remember that this house lacks sound isolation. Of course you can go in and out whenever you want. We do not have a curfew. But please make sure that when you enter and walk on the stairs this is done quietly.

Breakfast is served between 08:00 to 10:00 in the dining room downstairs.
Breakfast can only be booked before 19:00 hours the day before. The cost for a breakfast is € 25,- per person per breakfast. For children till 11 years breakfast costs € 12,50
Please let us know what time you wish to have breakfast. We can also ensure you receive a wakeup call if you advise us about the time the night before.

Pets are NOT allowed! Please be informed that some people might be allergic to hair of pets in the rooms. If you bring in a pet without our permission we will end your stay immediately without any refund and we will charge you € 300 for an extra cleaning.

Visiting friends can not be received in your room. They are also not allowed to sleep over unless we give permission.
Before you check in we are clearly aware of things which are broken in your room and the condition of the bedding and carpets. In case of any damage or malfunction we expect you to report it immediately. You will be held responsible for all damage that occurs in your room during your stay, or damage in other spaces which has been caused by your behaviour.

Guests under 21 years of age need to settle a deposit of € 500 in cash or with a credit card. For all other guests: your given credit card at booking will be held as a deposit for the above mentioned amount.

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation with us on any moment if the guests are under influence of alcohol and/or drugs, acting impolite/unfriendly towards our staff or other guests, not respecting the house rules or causing noise or disturbance in and around the house. There will be no refund of any paid reservation.